What is the SSD cloud hosting?

A cloud hosting service that is offered with Solid State Disks (SSD) is called SSD cloud hosting. SSD disks offer much faster read and write speeds than the traditional HDD disks. That’s why it is always better to choose a web hosting service which offers their hosting on SSD disks if you want faster page load speeds for your websites.

SSD (Solid State Drive) Hosting is several times faster than the regular HDD (Hard Disk Drive storage). In total it means your websites are hosted on a large number of servers which act as a single server (cloud) with SSD drives which offer fast page loading speeds for your websites.

Cloud hosting is much more reliable than traditional shared hosting services. It is secure, flexible, scalable, stable. Server-based SSDs can function as a cache in the server or as persistent storage, allowing the SSD server to have essentially an extremely fast scratch disk for very frequently accessed data. Putting this high performance storage directly in the server reduces latency because the server doesn’t have to access data on an external storage array. Because of this, server-based SSDs are high performance direct-attached storage. These SSD server drives are typically NAND flash-based.

Your web pages loading time is slow…?

When you choose SSD cloud hosting plans, you can enjoy computing resources from a network of servers. With SSD cloud hosting, your web pages will get loaded much faster when viewers come to your site. With cloud hosting, you can host your site on multiple servers acting as a single unit.

The important features of SSD cloud Hosting:

  • SSD is faster than Hard disk drive.
  • SSD use less energy than mechanical hard disks.
  • SSD which offer fast page loading speed for your websites.
  • SSD provides faster speed that gives you better user experience.